• Impact Seminar 2017

    Impact Seminar 2017

    The seminar took place between September 20 – 21st 2017 in Bucharest and aimed at facilitating the exchange of experience and good practices in the cultural field. I was honored to be invited to this seminary were we shared our experiences of cultural partnerships in Europe. It was an occasion to address concerns and matters…

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  • The Actor and Pataphysics

    The Actor and Pataphysics

    The performance lecture «The Actor and Pataphysics. A supplement to discourse on contemporary performative contracts» was developed by Per Bogstad Gulliksen (NO), Jan Skomakerstuen (NO) and Morten Bruun (NO). The project was granted support by Arts Council Norway and was implemented in collaboration with Sibiu Performing Arts Marked 2017 (RO) and Norli Eldorado (NO). This…

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  • Branesti


    The village of Branesti is host to a number of secondary educational schools for the Illfov County, among them a school for foresters. Thats why you will also find the teacher training centre called Casa Corpului Didactic (CCD) here. The institution is a resource centre that provides additional courses and support for staff from the…

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  • Dunapart3 Budapest

    Dunapart3 Budapest

    DunaPart3 is the merge of the dunaPart platforms (2008 and 2011) and of Hungarian Showcase (2013). The aim of the festival is to present the outstanding representatives of the independent Hungarian performing arts scene, to help them and the whole field in their further integration in the international professional network.” Dunapart is a curated festival…

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  • The Political Theatre Platform 2015

    The Political Theatre Platform 2015

    In 2015 I collaborated with the artistic collective O2G, a theatre group based in Bucharest. Their project “The Political Theatre Platform 2015” featured a variety of productions and discussions taking place all over Romania. Their work seek to engage and awaken the public to become active participant of their society. Many of their plays have…

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  • Ziua Cucilor

    Ziua Cucilor

    The Cuckoos’ custom is an old tradition, having pre-Christian roots, first mentioned in old church documents starting from the 17th century – “The Lives of the Saints” Dosoftei Mitropolitul. The main attraction in the village of Branesti is its annual folklore festival. Branesti is a village and area in Ilfov County, it is situated right east…

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