The Political Theatre Platform 2015

In 2015 I collaborated with the artistic collective O2G, a theatre group based in Bucharest. Their project “The Political Theatre Platform 2015” featured a variety of productions and discussions taking place all over Romania. Their work seek to engage and awaken the public to become active participant of their society. Many of their plays have thematized oppression and corruption in society. O2G remain a potent force in the young artistic scene in Bucharest. My work with them consisted in a rehearsal phase exploring interactive approaches to composition of theatre.
I thank them for reminding me that theatre can still can be a voice in society!

Vox Romanum – A conclusion of our workshop in Bucharest lasting from 5th til the 21st of February 2015.

Vox Romanum: Voices, stories, sound and poetry from contemporary Romania. A group of actors explore their past experiences from the educational system. Some had inspirational teachers, some had oppressive, they have all been shaped by their experiences.

Participants: Mădălina Brândușe, Silviana Vișan, Ioana Chitu, Paul Dunca, Lala Misosniky, Alice Monica Marinescu, Katia Pascariu, Alex Potocean, Andrei Șerban, Marius-Bogdan Tudor.
Direction: Morten Bruun.

Thanks to: David Schwartz, Mihaela Michailov and Radu Apostol

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