Starting in July 2021 we will provide workshops in the Viewpoints method for the Romanian artist association O2G.
This project will develop several new theatre productions in many locations in Romania including Craiova, Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest. 

The importance of playing

Augusto Boal’s work in collective drama processes are known today as Forum Theatre. You are learning that empowering people to access their sources of creativity, their non-rational sources, their creative arts resources, can deepen their sense of self-esteem and open the sense of what life is about.

V-Kings Slovakia

V-Kings is a civic organization based in the city of Sala in Slovakia. It has been responsible for concerts and other cultural events aimed at socially disadvantaged groups such…

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Ziua Cucilor

The Cuckoos’ custom is an old tradition, having pre-Christian roots, first mentioned in old church documents starting from the 17th century “The Lives of the Saints” written by Dosoftei Mitropolitul.

Vox Romanum

Voices, stories, sound and poetry from contemporary Romania. A group of actors explore their past experiences from the educational system. Some had inspirational teachers, some had oppressive, they have all been shaped by their experiences.