Câmpulung Muscel

This town has deep historic roots as a central seat of power in the feudal state of Wallachia. Together with the principality of Moldavia these two regions first formed the area we today know as the country of Romania. 

Eduarts Veidenbaums

As part of my project with the Cēsis district municipality in Latvia, I can now publish a text about the poet Eduarts Veidenbaums.The following is an excerpt from the book Eduards Veidenbaums, Life and Oeuvre: Contexts and Reception (Riga 2020).

The workshop held by Morten Bruun was a wonderful and very useful experience. I discovered and learned to use my inner resources for a more clear communication with the others. 

Cristina Ungureanu

Working with projects in many countries has given me the opportunity to meet people and places that has enriched my life. Here are some of them …

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