Eduards Veidenbaums.

The Eduards Veidenbaums museum Kalāči is situated just outside of Cesis in Latvia. In the project “More Light” I got an opportunity to learn about this poet. Veidenbaums was a voice for equality and social reforms writing in the late 1800s. His poetry has just recently been translated to english. The following is an excerpt […]

Ziua Cucilor

The Cuckoos’ custom is an old tradition, having pre-Christian roots, first mentioned in old church documents starting from the 17th century “The Lives of the Saints” written by Dosoftei Mitropolitul.

Vox Romanum

Voices, stories, sound and poetry from contemporary Romania. A group of actors explore their past experiences from the educational system. Some had inspirational teachers, some had oppressive, they have all been shaped by their experiences.

Latest projects

Photography Resource Center

Above:Welcome to Fairville – Ioana Moldovan 2008 The “Photography Resource Center” project started from the desire to support the development and professionalization of the photographic community in Romania, at the moment there is a lack of community management and representation structures. Perhaps the biggest challenge of a freelance photographer is the fact that he has […]