• Eduards Veidenbaums

    Eduards Veidenbaums

    As part of my project with the Cēsis district municipality I Latvia, I can now publish a text about the poet Eduarts Veidenbaums. The following is an excerpt from the book Eduards Veidenbaums, Life and Oeuvre: Contexts and Reception (Riga 2020). Had Veidenbaums been an Estonian We can engage in lengthy discussions and imagine how […]

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  • Photography Resource Center

    Photography Resource Center

    Above:Welcome to Fairville – Ioana Moldovan 2008 The “Photography Resource Center” project started from the desire to support the development and professionalization of the photographic community in Romania, at the moment there is a lack of community management and representation structures. Perhaps the biggest challenge of a freelance photographer is the fact that he has […]

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  • Disc Golf Showcase

    Disc Golf Showcase

    The sport of Disc Golf has been a great passion of mine and has introduced me to hundreds of people through friendly competitions and casual rounds in the Oslo area. Disc Golf is a “lifetime” sport, an outdoor activity for all ages, and all types of people. It takes its principles from traditional golf, but […]

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  • Perifeeria


    The project “Perifeeria – Political Theatre Platform 2021-2022”, aims to facilitate access to culture and develop the capacity for (self)representation through theater for socially, economically and culturally marginalized groups and categories. The project has several directions: 34 performances of the shows from the Political Theatre Season; development of three research workshops and three new shows, […]

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  • Callatis Cultural Garden

    Callatis Cultural Garden

    This project involves arranging the garden of the Callatis Archaeological Museum into a space for exhibitions, cultural events and leisure for the community and visitors. An artist from Norway, Lise Wulff, will hold a workshop in Mangalia to stimulate artistic innovation locally and create an art installation for the garden. These activities will supports the […]

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  • Working with drama

    Working with drama

    “For me the week with Morten’s seminar was something new. I remembered my childhood through the games we learned” Roxana, Ploiești Having trained as an actor at a theatre school in London, I often thought that many of the exercises we did would be beneficial to most people. Even if you have no interest in […]

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  • Per Bogstad Gulliksen

    Per Bogstad Gulliksen

    We are delighted to have hired Norwegian actor and researcher Per Bogstad Gulliksen to lead the workshops in the Viewpoints method for actors. This will be our main contribution to the Perifeeria project. Per received his education from both the Arts Educational School in London and KHIO in Oslo. His credits include work at the […]

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  • Theatre of Cruelty

    Theatre of Cruelty

    I worked as a producer for the Norwegian company Theatre of Cruelty between 2010 and 2013. After producing the play “What a glorious day”, I was responsible for arranging our appearances at the following venues: Eurodramafest (Krakow), Territoria (Moscow), Passages (Metz) and The National Opera & Ballett, Oslo. Their production of Ibsens unfinished opera “The […]

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  • Posters


    Lofoten – 2013 Poster for the theatre performance Amazonas by Theatre of Cruelty – 2011 Poster for the theatre performance Havmannens Sønn – 2013 Poster for the theatre performance Solfest på Rastekaise – 2010 Memphis – 2008 Studio 34 – 2012 Selfportrait – 2007

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  • Teacher Training Centre Ilfov

    Teacher Training Centre Ilfov

    As a result of my work in Branesti, I have stayed in touch with the Casa Corpului Didactic. I was therefor very happy to be invited back to this institution in 2019 to do a workshop for teachers in the techniques of Image Theatre. The Teacher Training Centre of Ilfov is a public institution dedicated […]

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