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  • Eduards Veidenbaums.

    Eduards Veidenbaums.

    The Eduards Veidenbaums museum Kalāči is situated just outside of Cesis in Latvia. In the project “More Light” I got an opportunity to learn about this poet. Veidenbaums was a voice for equality and social reforms writing in the late 1800s. His poetry has just recently been translated to english. The following is an excerpt […]

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  • Photography Resource Center

    Photography Resource Center

    Above:Welcome to Fairville – Ioana Moldovan 2008 The “Photography Resource Center” project started from the desire to support the development and professionalization of the photographic community in Romania, at the moment there is a lack of community management and representation structures. Perhaps the biggest challenge of a freelance photographer is the fact that he has […]

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  • Disc Golf Showcase

    Disc Golf Showcase

    The sport of Disc Golf has been a great passion of mine and has introduced me to hundreds of people through friendly competitions and casual rounds in the Oslo area. Disc Golf is a “lifetime” sport, an outdoor activity for all ages, and all types of people. It takes its principles from traditional golf, but […]

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  • Perifeeria


    The project “Perifeeria – Political Theatre Platform 2021-2022”, aims to facilitate access to culture and develop the capacity for (self)representation through theater for socially, economically and culturally marginalized groups and categories. The project has several directions: 34 performances of the shows from the Political Theatre Season; development of three research workshops and three new shows, […]

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