Casa Corpului Didactic

As a result of my work in Branesti, I have stayed in touch with the Casa Corpului Didactic or The Teacher Training Center for Illfov County, Romania. I was therefor very happy to be invited back to this institution in 2019 to do a workshop for teachers in the techniques of Image Theatre.

The Teacher Training Centre of Ilfov is a public institution dedicated to continuous training and improvement of the approximately 2,500 teaching staff in the pre-university education at the county level. It has the main task of applying the national strategies for the development of education in the territory. The institution encourages and supports improvements to quality of education and training in the county.

CCD Ilfov has developed numerous projects, programs and partnerships. At the center of its concerns are programs for disadvantaged categories, prevention of school abandonment, Interculturality and social inclusion. The institution supports the culture and traditions of the Roma ethnicity.

My work here focused on the ways we can use drama methods to include and engage students in a variety of topics. The participants were teaching professionals and actors from the whole of the Illfov area.

I am very thankful to Dr. Simona Luca who was responsible for all the arrangements during my visit to Branesti. After the workshop was completed I was invited to a private tour of the Central University Library of Bucharest. It was a great ending to another stay in Romania.

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