Theatre of Cruelty

I worked as a producer for the Norwegian company Theatre of Cruelty between 2010 and 2013. After producing the play “What a glorious day”, I was responsible for arranging our appearances at the following venues: Eurodramafest (Krakow), Territoria (Moscow), Passages (Metz) and The National Opera & Ballett, Oslo. Their production of Ibsens unfinished opera “The Mountain Bird” has continued to find audiences around the world and received great acclaim from critics. It was also a pleasure to receive Judith Malina in Oslo, where she held her workshop “A day in the life of”. As a member of the highly influential company The Living Theatre, she embodied their artistic journey from the 1950s when the company was established by the German theatre innovator Erwin Piscator and Julian Beck. The workshop was documented by theatre reseachers to preserve what was to be her last visit to Norway.

Theatre of Cruelty produced its first performance in collaboration with Trøndelag Theatre in 1989, throughout its existence its creative heart and leader has been the director Lars Øyno.

The company has performed at festivals and stages in Japan, Russia, Turkey, Germany, Poland, England, Sweden, India and France.

Theatre of Cruelty make performances within the physical tradition and retrieves basic inspiration from Antonin Artaud’s vision of an anatomical theater.

We create theater with the body’s own musicality, its breath and poetry, as the beginning for all actions. Artaud wanted to awaken the inherent life force that exists in nature and that the Western man seems to have forgotten. Theatre thus becomes a tool for real life.

Lars Øyno