Callatis Cultural Garden

This project involves arranging the garden of the Callatis Archaeological Museum into a space for exhibitions, cultural events and leisure for the community and visitors. An artist from Norway, Lise Wulff, will hold a workshop in Mangalia to stimulate artistic innovation locally and create an art installation for the garden. These activities will supports the local community, offering the possibility to increase the visibility of local artists and increase cultural consumption.

Project PromotorStatusEnd
Directorate of Culture and Sports Mangalia,
Project Concluded 2021

The general objective of the project is to diversify the artistic scene in Mangalia and increase the community’s access to culture by creating a space and program dedicated to both local artists and the wider community.

The specific objectives are:

Norwegian artist Lise Wulff works with land art and projects addressing the issues of nature and our environment. Woven Stones is a series of art works that she has been working with since 2008. It started out with quite small stones, and then grew into a project where she worked with stones the size of approximately 5 x 3 x 2 meters. She then puts yarn around the stones, using a crochet technique, leaving an asymmetrical pattern where the stone is visible through the yarn. The soft yarn meets the hard stone.

For ages, we have knitted, woven and crocheted clothes for our children to keep them warm. Now, the nature needs the same care from us. As a symbolic act of care for nature, the people of Mangalia can participate in making their own Woven Stones, or come to visit the garden to see some Woven Stones installed there. Lise Wulff

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