Working with drama

“For me the week with Morten’s seminar was something new. I remembered my childhood through the games we learned”

Roxana, Ploiești

Having trained as an actor at a theatre school in London, I often thought that many of the exercises we did would be beneficial to most people. Even if you have no interest in doing theatre, what you learn in drama class can be so relevant to life in general. All business leaders today are trained to be compassionate and socially aware. This alertness to people around you is also a fundamental part of acting in an ensemble. This is just one example of how drama work can be relevant!

Drama exercises allow us to explore new ways of expressing ourselves.Drama is the safe space were you can freely study how we interact with each other. Sadly, no-one but drama students normally receive such training. The act of playing out and responding to others enhance our social flexibility, making us adapt easier to new social contexts. In 2017 I was asked to do a week long workshop with community workers employed by Salva-Tex Romania. Together we explored themes such as social hierarchies and communication, and we learned to develop new relations through exercises.

Dr. Adam Blatner (1937-2021) was a Trainer Educator of Psychodrama. He is the author of the primary textbook in that field, Acting-In, which has been translated into every major language. He describes the effects of working with drama:

You are learning that empowering people to access their sources of creativity, their non-rational sources, their creative arts resources, can deepen their sense of self-esteem and open the sense of what life is about.

Dr. Adam Blatner

Excellent course and excellent trainer. I can only applaud the abilities of Mr. Bruun. He managed to get us out of the daily stress, problems etc. and he introduced us to the wonderful world of communication

N. Constantin, Manager Salva-Tex

Drama exercises is a great way to develop the relations within a group, when we create trust and empathy, we flourish!

Through simple exercises that everybody can do, we gradually build trust in the group to allow openness and willingness to explore. Can we talk to each other in different ways? Do you really know how to listen?

Bringing people together for workshops has allowed me to expand on the traditions of process drama and develop my own approach. The ideas of Augusto Boal, Jacob L Moreno and Adam Blatner has influenced my work in this field.

My workshops have supported teambuilding efforts in organizations as diverse as the Red Cross and employees in public sector in Norway.

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