Independent theatre company Unteatru are based in Bucharest and is one of the most successfull touring companies in Romania. Founded by Andrei and Andrea Grosu they have established themselves as a creative force in Bucharest. It will be my pleasure to work with them in 2023 as we will develop a production together with a Norwegian scenographer.

I have translated(with the help of Google) the text below to present the company and their artistic ambitions:

Unteatru was the idea that connected people to participate in a brave cultural project. It was born from the desire to make it possible for people to meet theater at home, a theater in your house! A house without a story, under whose roof the uncreated performance places its spectacle as in a crucible in which ideas melt and merge.

We found a place in old Bucharest, a house with tea and books, between brick walls covered in black cloth. I didn’t give it a name, I singularized it and got Unteatru.
Here you don’t applaud because you must, but because you feel like it. Palms do not obey conventions but have a life of their own. They have receptors that respond to emotional stimuli…if that doesn’t happen, don’t clap!

Unteatru is an independent cultural project whose desire is to establish a space dedicated to artistic activities. What makes Unteatru unique is the exclusively cultural objective from which they do not deviate: Unteatru does not serve commercial purposes, it does not obey the concept of commercial theater. It functions is as a showcase where the cultural expression becomes an exhibit, and the viewer becomes a visitor. 

Unteatru represents a unique independent cultural project, a necessity in the current cultural context of Bucharest. Unteatru brings artistic happenings to unconventional spaces! The Bucharest theater scene lacks independent spaces where young artists can present their work. It is our aim to support this need and provide such spaces.

Theatre can happen anywhere as long as there are actors and spectators who meet!

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