Teohari Antonescu Museum

For the first time in its history, Giurgiu County Council will collaborate in the field of cultural management with a partner from Norway

Teohari Antonescu County Museum is a landmark of national history and the only historical museum in Giurgiu County. The museum building was built in 1870 and the last renovation of the museum took place in 1977. The restoration of the museum is a necessity for the local community and is an important objective of the project, but not the only one. 

Project PromotorStatusEnd
Territorial Administrative Unit Giurgiu, Romania.Implementation Stage2024

Together with our partner Amfitetru Foundation we will cooperate with the local government of Giurgiu in arranging artistic exchanges between Norwegian and Romanian photographers. These collaborations will produce an exhibition that will take place in the museum once it is restored. We hope that the relations and artistic output from this project will contribute to making the museum an art hub for the region. As well as artists, the project will provide resources to develop the institution into an attractive cultural destination. We belive that new perspectives from artists will benefit the valorization of Giurgiu County and its Museum.