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  • Theatre of Cruelty

    Theatre of Cruelty

    I worked as a producer for the Norwegian company Theatre of Cruelty between 2010 and 2013. After producing the play “What a glorious day”, I was responsible for arranging our appearances at the following venues: Eurodramafest (Krakow), Territoria (Moscow), Passages (Metz) and The National Opera & Ballett, Oslo. Their production of Ibsens unfinished opera “The […]

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  • Posters


    Lofoten – 2013 Poster for the theatre performance Amazonas by Theatre of Cruelty – 2011 Poster for the theatre performance Havmannens Sønn – 2013 Poster for the theatre performance Solfest på Rastekaise – 2010 Memphis – 2008 Studio 34 – 2012 Selfportrait – 2007

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  • Teacher Training Centre Ilfov

    Teacher Training Centre Ilfov

    As a result of my work in Branesti, I have stayed in touch with the Casa Corpului Didactic. I was therefor very happy to be invited back to this institution in 2019 to do a workshop for teachers in the techniques of Image Theatre. The Teacher Training Centre of Ilfov is a public institution dedicated […]

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  • Impact Seminar 2017

    Impact Seminar 2017

    The seminar took place between September 20 – 21st 2017 in Bucharest and aimed at facilitating the exchange of experience and good practices in the cultural field. I was honored to be invited to this seminary were we shared our experiences of cultural partnerships in Europe. It was an occasion to address concerns and matters […]

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