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  • Teohari Antonescu Historic Museum

    Teohari Antonescu Historic Museum

    The restoration and implementation of cultural activities in the historic museum was a collaboration between myself, Amfiteatru Foundation and the County Administration of Giurgiu, Romania. How can artists and locals together form creative narratives and build new ways of to identify this region. Through access to arts and activities we all grow and become creators […]

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  • Sameness and Uniqueness: Connstructing our Identity

    Sameness and Uniqueness: Connstructing our Identity

    A series of seminars addressing: Participants: Kaunas Third Age University, Latvian Adult Education Association, Association “Step Closer”, Rezekne Academy of Technologies, Project Studio and Morten Bruun. I am excited to announce my participation in this series of seminars taking place in Latvia. Several institutions focusing on adult learning have convened to focus on the most […]

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  • Callatis Cultural Garden

    Callatis Cultural Garden

    This project involves arranging the garden of the Callatis Archaeological Museum into a space for exhibitions, cultural events and leisure for the community and visitors. An artist from Norway, Lise Wulff, will hold a workshop in Mangalia to stimulate artistic innovation locally and create an art installation for the garden. These activities will supports the […]

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  • Per Bogstad Gulliksen

    Per Bogstad Gulliksen

    Norwegian actor and researcher Per Bogstad Gulliksen has been responsible for leading the workshops in the Viewpoints method for actors. He received his education from both the Arts Educational School in London and KHIO in Oslo. His credits include work at the National Theatre of Norway. Per has an extensive and varied background from theatre […]

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