The online workshops has been our contribution to the activities of Perifeeria – The Political Theatre Platform 2021-2022. This project will develop several new theatre productions in many locations in Romania including Craiova, Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest. The association is a partnership between many artists who seek to engage citizens in public debate and reflection thoughContinue reading “O2G”

Sameness and Uniqueness: Connstructing our Identity

A series of seminars addressing: Identity crisis in globalaized world Personality through fiction The relationship between language and identity The Third Age Identity Crisis Participants: Kaunas Third Age University, Latvian Adult Education Association, Association “Step Closer”, Rezekne Academy of Technologies, Project Studio and Morten Bruun. I am excited to announce my participation in this seriesContinue reading “Sameness and Uniqueness: Connstructing our Identity”

Directorate of Culture and Sports Mangalia

I am very honored to be part of the Mangalia Cultural Garden project. This is an important project for the area, with both social and environmental impact Lise Wulff This project involves arranging the garden of the Callatis Archaeological Museum into a space for exhibitions, cultural events and leisure for the community and visitors. An artist fromContinue reading “Directorate of Culture and Sports Mangalia”

The Actor and Pataphysics

The performance lecture «The Actor and Pataphysics. A supplement to discourse on contemporary performative contracts» was developed by Per Bogstad Gulliksen (NO), Jan Skomakerstuen (NO) and Morten Bruun (NO). The project was granted support by Arts Council Norway and was implemented in collaboration with Sibiu Performing Arts Marked 2017 (RO) and Norli Eldorado (NO). ThisContinue reading “The Actor and Pataphysics”

V-Kings Slovakia

V-Kings is a civic organization based in the city of Sala in Slovakia. It has been responsible for concerts and other cultural events aimed at socially disadvantaged groups such as the Roma population.V-kings have also conducted partnerships through the Erasmus + program with partners from Poland. These projects develop educational and athletic programs for students.Continue reading “V-Kings Slovakia”

Ziua Cucilor

Ziua Cucilor The Cuckoos’ custom is an old tradition, having pre-Christian roots, first mentioned in old church documents starting from the 17th century “The Lives of the Saints” written by Dosoftei Mitropolitul. The main attraction in the village of Branesti is its annual folklore festival. Branesti is a village and area in Ilfov County, it isContinue reading “Ziua Cucilor”