Sameness and Uniqueness: Connstructing our Identity

A series of seminars addressing:

  • Identity crisis in globalaized world
  • Personality through fiction
  • The relationship between language and identity
  • The Third Age Identity Crisis

Participants: Kaunas Third Age University, Latvian Adult Education Association, Association “Step Closer”, Rezekne Academy of Technologies, Project Studio and Morten Bruun.

I am excited to announce my participation in this series of seminars taking place in Latvia. Several institutions focusing on adult learning have convened to focus on the most central of topics, identity. How we perceive and change our ideas of identity have always been central to my work with drama workshops. Below is a description of the project submitted to Nordplus:


Each of us seeks to know our personal identity and where or how we fit into modern world so that we can make sense of our lives and plan the future. Perhaps the most important reason lies in our conception of identity.

Most Lithuanians still believe that identity is inherited and there are objective criteria that allow people to be classified, assigned to a group, community or category. This is an illusion. Not only because humans are not insects to be classified or sorted, but also because in today’s globalized world, with almost no local civilizations and traditional social formations left, identity is no longer a matter of attribution or inheritance. We form our identity and it is a lifelong process.

Participants will work to define a concept of identity, understand most common identity issues in adult life and incorporate new, effective and innovative tool and instruments in the regular adult education programmes targeting persons in the preretirement age or seniors.

Some studies show that informal and non-formal adult education could be great tools for developing personal identity and inducing a growth of a strong and stable sense of self. During mobility project, there will be staff exchanges between Lithuanian and Latvian formal and non-formal adult education organizations. Participants will be engaged in discussions, workshops and presentations about identity concepts, most common identity issues. They will share their experiences, best practices and will work on identity formation programs and methods. Project activities will be carried out in Kaunas and Riga. Project staff training programs will help teachers to identify and evaluate identity elements and integrate them into regular adult education programmes. It improves adult educators and trainers competences. And in a long run it will provide adult learners with a greater sense of self-esteem, distinctiveness, and meaning.

Project aim

Economic, environmental and social challenges are not the only challenges that people are facing today. The world has changed dramatically and many people experiencing difficulties fitting into the modern world. The aim of the project is to find the methods to motivate elderly people experiencing an identity crisis to maintain and enhance feelings of self-esteem, distinctiveness, belonging, efficacy, and meaning in their identities. The new methods and modified training programs will be adapted and used by the project partners in non-formal adult learning process. It will help adult learners in Latvia, Lithuania and Norway make sense of their lives and for society become a source of experience, intelligence, aptitudes.