Sameness and Uniqueness: Connstructing our Identity

A series of seminars addressing: Identity crisis in globalaized world Personality through fiction The relationship between language and identity The Third Age Identity Crisis Participants: Kaunas Third Age University, Latvian Adult Education Association, Association “Step Closer”, Rezekne Academy of Technologies, Project Studio and Morten Bruun. I am excited to announce my participation in this seriesContinue reading “Sameness and Uniqueness: Connstructing our Identity”

Directorate of Culture and Sports Mangalia

I am very honored to be part of the Mangalia Cultural Garden project. This is an important project for the area, with both social and environmental impact Lise Wulff This project involves arranging the garden of the Callatis Archaeological Museum into a space for exhibitions, cultural events and leisure for the community and visitors. An artist fromContinue reading “Directorate of Culture and Sports Mangalia”