V-Kings Slovakia

V-Kings is a civic organization based in the city of Sala in Slovakia. It has been responsible for concerts and other cultural events aimed at socially disadvantaged groups such as the Roma population.
V-kings have also conducted partnerships through the Erasmus + program with partners from Poland. These projects develop educational and athletic programs for students.


It’s my pleasure to announce that we have agreed to work together in the project SIN-Cult. My contribution will be to provide workshops for their events in 2022 and 2023.

Participants are:

  • Sereď Business Academy (SK)
  • Váhom Primary School (SK)
  • Reykjanesbæ Music School (ICL)
  • V-Kings (SK)
  • Morten Bruun (NO)

The project will focus on capacity building of cultural actors in the organization. The activities with Icelandic and Norwegian partners will enhance the organizations network and competency. Seminars will be arranged in various locations with themes such as: extremism, intolerance, gender equality and coexistence.
The collaboration will feature many different activities such as:

  • Musical concerts
  • Photo exhibitions
  • International dialogue
  • Establishing a Cultural Centre of Cooperation