The Actor and Pataphysics

The performance lecture «The Actor and Pataphysics. A supplement to discourse on contemporary performative contracts» was developed by Per Bogstad Gulliksen (NO), Jan Skomakerstuen (NO) and Morten Bruun (NO). The project was granted support by Arts Council Norway and was implemented in collaboration with Sibiu Performing Arts Marked 2017 (RO) and Norli Eldorado (NO). ThisContinue reading “The Actor and Pataphysics”

V-Kings Slovakia

V-Kings is a civic organization based in the city of Sala in Slovakia. It has been responsible for concerts and other cultural events aimed at socially disadvantaged groups such as the Roma population.V-kings have also conducted partnerships through the Erasmus + program with partners from Poland. These projects develop educational and athletic programs for students.Continue reading “V-Kings Slovakia”