International Partnerships in Culture & Arts

10+ years of experience from management of international cultural partnerships

Completion of successful bilateral projects in Latvia, Poland and Romania

Awarded highest score for our project proposal in 2020*


Creating fruitful collaborations with European partners within culture starts with the application process, but continues throughout the project lifecycle.

Ensuring successful collaborations

Empowering all partners to participate and adapt to each others needs is then essential for a project to be fulfilled. As the manager of Norwegian partnerships my role is to ensure artists rights are maintained throughout the duration of the collaboration. Cultural differences and legal practices may contribute to factors that complicate a partnership. My background from management in the cultural field has informed how I go forward when initiating new projects. As we maintain an active dialogue with the authorities who provide the funding of project grants, we will always be ready to inform our partners with the most updated legal guidelines to ensure compliance.

Example: The Photographic Resource Center
The first institution to provide Romanian Photographers with the tools and network to promote their art to the international marked. Build on the experience of internationally recognized photo artists, the centre will provide workshops and exhibitions that will enrich the field of photographic art in Romania. Now this center will receive workshops and input from some of Norways most recognized artists and gallery managers. Our aim is to provide a solid foundation for this partnership to grow into the future.

The mission of the Photography Resource Center (CdRF) is taking Romanian photography to more international dimensions; we want Romanian photographers and their photos to have a greater presence, higher value and better visibility on international markets on the long term. In our view, an integrated system is needed to combine the synergies of education, work opportunities, exposure, production and sale of photography. CdRF’s core pillars are educational, artistic and entrepreneurial consulting. We put the photographer in the center and try to offer solutions for his/her needs, from workflow and technical organization to exposure, promotion and support in artistic endeavors.

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